Organic Cotton Cuddle Dress Zmooz(Striped Hat)



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This Cuddle Zmooz Doll is soft and the texture of the 100% organic terrycloth and the cotton are very appealing and interesting for tiny fingers! This cuddly doll wears a (non-removable) terry cloth cap and brown (removable) overalls. The head is filled with natural wool. Cuddle Zmooz Doll made without pre-shaped facial expressions, so that they will always fit in perfectly with varieties of the mood and fantasy of the child at different time.

The little dress comes off easily, which makes it a bit intriguing for the older baby, who might like to play with taking the dress on and off the doll. The rattle is very soft-sounding, which is nice for Mommy!

Hand washable

Made in the Netherlands

Learning Skills: Creative Expression, Early Motor, Sensory, Social/Emotional, Independent Play

Recommended age: Newborns and up

Size: approx 9.5 in tall (bag not included)

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