Diamond Sleepsack



These beautiful organic wool clothing are made from yarn that has not been chemically treated throughout the entire production process, from the farm to the finished product. Wool is long lasting and durable; it resists spills, dries very quickly and is mildew resistant. This means no dust mites. Wool is safer to wear because it has natural fire-retardant properties. Synthetic fleece is oil based, ignites easily, burns fiercely and melts. If synthetic fleece is fire proofed, then you have the fire proofing chemicals next to your baby skin. Wool resists flame without the chemical treatment involved in fireproofing. Another excellent property of organic wool is that it is a perfect natural insulator. It is incredibly warm in winter and cool in the summer as it has the ability to breathe with the skin and wick away excess moisture which helps your baby's skin to remain dry and rash free. Organic wool is free of pesticides, formaldehyde, polyester, foams, dioxins and other additives used in conventional wool and clothing manufacturing practices.

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Diamond Sleepsack $125.00

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Diamond Bonnet $28.00

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