Free Gift Packaging


Beautiful presentation is one of the most important aspects of gift giving. OrganicWearUSA impressive hand packaging is beautiful, stylish and free for you*. It includes our signature premium gift boxes, paper raffia and a complementary gift card. But most of all we are proud to present you a truly environmentally friendly gifts. OrganicWearUSA gift boxes are made in USA with unbleached recycled materials and are fully recyclable. We do not use plastic and minimize the amount of paper used in our gift packaging. All of our printing done with environmentally friendlier soy or water based inks. If you would like we can also include in your gift our educational brochure "Children's Clothing and Health, is there a connection?"

OrganicWearUSA sustainable gifts are ready for you!

*ONLY the products that indicate "free gift packaging" include free, complementary gift packaging as described above.

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