Celebrity Baby Names Inspired By Nature


Baby NameParentsMeaningOrigin
AppleGwyneth Paltrow & Chris MartinFruit
AvaJohn McEnroeLike birdLatin
Daisy BooJamie OliverDaisy FlowerAmerican
GaiaEmma ThompsonEarthLatin
Heavenly Hirrani Tiger LilyPaula Yates & Michael HutchencePowerful cat, tiger. Blossoming flowerAmericanLatin
Paloma Emilio EstevezA DoveSpanish
TuRob MorrowBright, sharpVietnamese


Baby NameParentsMeaningOrigin
ZoeSamuel L JacksonLifeGreek
Zola IvyEddie MurphyEarth
A vine
RoccoMadonna & Guy RichieRestGerman

Do you know any other celebrity baby names inspired by nature?
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