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We would like to exchange links with other natural lifestyle supporting websites. Please e-mail us for considerations at

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Suggest a new product
We are always happy to offer new environmentally friendly products to our customers. If you have a product that you would like to submit for our consideration please email to
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Affiliate Program
Coming Soon

Refer a friend program
Welcome to the OrganicWearUSA refer a friend program. We need your help and we really appreciate it, that is why we have a unique and easy "refer a friend - get cash back" program!
  1. When you register create your own "refer a friend" simple referral code (something easy to remember)
  2. Refer a friend to our website and give them your code
  3. Ask your friend to enter your code each time your friend purchasing something from our website
  4. Each time your friend purchase something from our website and enter your code, we will mail you a check equal 6% of total purchase (free money!!!)
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