Organic cotton clothing is a healthier choice
Clothing in natural colors is safe for a babies sensitive skin
Every pound of homegrown organic cotton means about one-third less pound of pesticides in the USA
Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers that are known to be human carcinogens and toxins.
Organic cotton farming techniques keep our water, air, and food cleaner. It supports beneficial life around us.


Cotton farming consumes 25% of world insecticides and 10% of world pesticides.

Number of active ingredients in pesticides found to cause cancer in animals or humans: 107

Number of pesticides found that are reproductive toxins: 15

Every T-shirt made of conventional cotton uses 1/3 pound of harmful chemicals.

Cotton is like our skin - it comes in different natural colors and shades. Natural color means there is no danger of exposing your child to heavy metals dyes, allergies and other health problems associated with dyes and finishes used in most clothing processing. Natural color is simply pure and safe.
Avoiding clothing with plastic ink design is a healthier choice when it comes to silk-screen printing.


There are no regulations requiring textile manufacturers to disclose on a clothing label what kind of dye or which one out of 600 additional chemicals are used in the fabric finishing process. Many of them are known allergens, carcinogens or mutagens. Disperse blue dye was named the 2000 Allergen of the Year

95% of printing on the clothing done with plastic inks that release toxic substances. These chemicals can disturb our endocrine and nervous systems and exposing us to carcinogens

Organically grown cotton provides all of us with cleaner air, water, and food in our own country. It also supports organic farmers and the economy in the USA as well as sweatshops free labor. USA has high organic certification standards.


Number of American cotton organic farmers decreased 22% in 2002 compare to 2001. On the other hand, production of organic cotton in China increased almost 300% at the same time.

Number of people in USA routinely drinking water contaminated with carcinogenic herbicides: 14 million

12lbs of synthetic chemicals are used per acre of planted cotton in USA

In California cotton ranks second among crops for total amount of pesticides used

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When you think of cotton, do you think of milk, meat, cookies, candy, and potato chips?
Care what your baby wears? GO ORGANIC, it's a healthy way to go!

The cotton plant produces more food for man and animals than it does fiber for clothing. Approximately 850,000 tons of cottonseed is produced annually in California. About 95% of that supply is fed to dairy cattle and the balance is crushed for the oil. Most dairy cows are fed 8 pounds of cotton seeds each day, so all the toxic chemicals applied on the cotton go right into our milk and meat. Cottonseed oil is used in food products like candy, potatoes chips and crackers and is a main ingredient in many marinades, dressings, margarines and prepared foods.

When you purchase organic cotton products you support responsible organic cotton farmers and manufacturers and help to decrease amount of toxic chemicals in our food!

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