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Our Team
Michael Zatulovsky (Founder)
Born in Kiev, Ukraine and raised in Los Angeles, California, Michael Zatulovsky founded OrganicWearUSA in 2005 while still an undergraduate at University of California Los Angeles. Michael's decision to build an environmentally friendly business focused on sustainable living came in part from his family's first hand experience of one of the worst silent environmental disasters in human history, the Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident. This tragedy raised Michael's consciousness about human impact on the environment and the long term effects of environmental disasters on the health and well being of the planet and its inhabitants. Michael also credits his parents' dedication to improving health, wellness and the environment as the inspiration behind the decision to start OrganicWearUSA.
Michael graduated from Santa Monica High School a year ahead of his peers and is currently finishing his undergraduate studies in economics, accounting, and global studies at UCLA. Michael is a recipient of the Leadership Scholarship from the County of Los Angeles, the Community Service Pinnacle Award, the Volunteer Honoree Award from Los Angeles County, and the President's Student Service Award. As an intern at Morgan Stanley and assistant to a prominent Los Angeles CPA, he discovered his talent for business. OrganicWearUSA brings together his business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for environmentally friendly business. Based on his vision, the company provides high quality, organic cotton products to consumers, capitalizing on the growing trend in sustainable living while practicing business in an environmentally conscientious manner.

Lauren A. Pulaski (Products Development, Accounting)
Lauren is currently an economics major and accounting minor at University of California Los Angeles. She is a strong supporter of a sustainable lifestyle and she has been an active supporter and participant in OrganicWearUSA from its inception. She has a great eye for design, packaging, and presentation of the products. She is also in charge of accounting. She looks forward to helping OrganicWearUSA grow and develop new product lines.

George M. Giannakopulos (Business Development and Public Relations)
George is an expert in researching the benefits of organic cotton as well as compiling data on various other organic products and companies. Born and raised in Athens Greece, George loves natural homemade food and enjoys getting around on his motorcycle. He has great marketing skills, as well as an easy going personality. He is currently majoring in Business Economics at University of California Los Angeles.

Linda Wilks (Web Design and Programming)
Linda is a talented web designer with over 5 years of Internet and Web Design experience. She is certified in Web Development, Design, Graphics and Multimedia, as well as self taught. Linda brings true creative brilliance to OrganicWearUSA. Linda is one of those very rare web designers with the innate ability to turn her craft into a work of art! Linda is 21 years old and she recently married her sweetheart Ben on Valentines Day, 2005. She currently lives in Canberra, Australia with him, her 2 kitties (Andy and Lilly) and her dog Keesha.

About OrganicWearUSA
Letter from Michael Zatulovsky (founder)

The idea of starting a company focused on products for sustainable living came to me in the fall of 2004. I joined a small UCLA fraternity and my first assignment was to find the best made t-shirts at the most affordable price in order to promote membership for our rush event. In the process of fulfilling my assignment, I discovered the real cost of conventional clothing, its environmental impact. Manufacturing just one t-shirt requires 1/3 pound of pesticides, insecticides and toxic chemicals. Eventually, I found a reputable source for organic cotton apparel that cost just a few dollars more than conventional cotton. As often happens, however, price was the deciding factor for the fraternity and they choose the conventional t-shirts. After this experience, I became increasingly interested in the possibility of developing a sustainable manufacturing business model. I enrolled in a variety of accounting and economics classes at UCLA to learn about product merchandising and business management. With the support of friends and family, OrganicWearUSA was born in early 2005.

With little starting capital, but a lot of enthusiasm, we had to teach ourselves all of the basics of starting a new company from using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for designing our company identity to product research and development. Along the way, we have had the privilege of meeting many hard working, like-minded people that care about others as well as the future of our planet.

We are proud to have created a company that supports American small business, sweat shop free labor, and avoids environmental toxins including pesticides, insecticides, plastic, bleach, petroleum based inks and dyes. The first line of OrganicWearUSA products is tailored for newborns, the age when children are most susceptible to toxic additives and the parents are most willing to focus on a healthy lifestyle. We offer 100% organic cotton clothing gifts, all made in the USA, that are safe and healthy for babies and the planet. Our gifts are hand pre-packaged in our signature premium recyclable gift boxes, and include a complementary gift card printed with soy ink on 100% recycled paper, making a beautiful presentation. We believe that our products are a convenient option for customers looking for "ready to go," reasonably priced, safe, healthy, beautiful gifts.

Our company is not only concerned with sales. We truly believe in educating people about a healthy, natural lifestyle and safe and clean planet. We have developed and made available a brochure "Children, clothing and Health, is there a connection?" as well as researched scientific evidence for the benefits of organic cotton. Our website contains an education section featuring natural lifestyle resources, interactive health tools and tips from pediatricians. We will be launching a weekly eco-friendly newsletter and discussion forum soon.

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